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No matter where you are, our team of dedicated professionals is ready to help you secure your roof. We make the process so easy that the hardest thing you have to do is pick a color. 

We’re The Right Team For The Job!

Choosing the right roofers for your home should be simple.

You need professionals who can build your quality roof quickly,

but you also need experts to help you navigate your insurance.

Our team is both.

Your Roofing Team North Of Atlanta

Cole Nickell - Pro Roofing in Atlanta, Raleigh, and Alabama

Cole Nickell


Brandon Ross

image of Garrison Young, ProRoofing team member in Atlanta wearing a gray polo with a ProRoofing logo

Garrison Young

Michael Tardella

Tim McDonald

Kenny Lane

Justin Warner

Matt Bond ProRoofing Atlanta Georgia

Matt Bond

Spencer Pagley

Weston Reed ProRoofing Atlanta Georgia

Weston Reed


Justin Tuck


Andy Bedford

Robert Hill

Robert Hill


Cameron Maitz

a headshot of Zach Gates with a gray ProRoofing polo on, working outside of the ProRoofing Atlanta location

Zach Gates

Your Roofing Team in North Carolina

James Marshall ProRoofing Raleigh NC

James Marshall

Mike Marty


Joey Skogen

Kevin Roll

image of Stuart Voigt in a polo with a ProRoofing logo on it, outside in North Carolina

Stuart Voigt

Your Roofing Team in Birmingham & Huntsville, Alabama

Matt Tatum

Jake Naumcheff ProRoofing Alabama

Jake Naumcheff

Ben Steever

Josh Henderson ProRoofing Alabama

Josh Henderson

Charlie Jones ProRoofing Birmingham Alabama Team Member

Charlie Jones

a headshot image of Jackson Casey, a ProRoofing team member in Alabama, dressed in a blue polo

Jackson Casey

ProRoofing Executive Admin

Kali Steilen ProRoofing Wisconsin

Kali Steilen